Treeline Pest Control Ogden, UT
Our Services
  1. Service
    Treeline of Ogden, UT provides an innovative solution to ongoing household pest problems. we also provide Free pest evaluations and free estimates: free homeowner 7-point termite evaluation and our free 21-point pest evaluation.
  2. No Contracts & Guarantee
    No Contracts & Guarantee
    We have no monetary contracts, just pay as you go basis, we will setup your personal preferences over the phone or on our first application. we guarantee our services for two months after an application, call us anytime within the two months if you have any problems and we'll come back free of charge.
  3. Exterior Service
    Exterior Service
    All of our technicians use high pressure spray rigs mounted on our trucks to provide exceptional pest control going around your entire home 8 feet up and 10 feet out from your foundation, our service also includes around all windows, eaves, garages, sheds and windows wells.
  4. Interior Service
    Interior Service
    All our interior pesticides and child and pet friendly and are based from natural occurring pesticides from flowers and plants. We will go around all the baseboards of your entire home, around windows and entrance ways.
  5. General Pests
    General Pests
    Our service includes all general pests if it fly's, stings, builds webs, crawls,or hops we'll take care of what bugs you ! (excluding special pests)
  6. Special Pests
    Special Pests
    Special pests include termites,bedbugs and lice please contact us for special pest pricing
Treeline pest control in Ogden, UT providing experts in exterminating for commercial and residential all along the Wasatch front